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Pulse Gets a Face-Lift

A letter from our MD: Riaan van Rooyen
4 Feb 2015


At Pulse, we pride ourselves on the stability and functionality of our software. We work hard to make it do its job, so your business can be the best. However, we know that over the past few years, its looks have let it down.

So, for the last year or so, we have been preparing a visual overhaul of Pulse, and we are really excited to say that it is nearly ready for launch. We have also taken the opportunity to tackle some ease-of-use issues, such as navigation and scrolling, which will help new users get up-to-speed much quicker.

Version 15.02 of Pulse Enterprise will be the first to sport the new look. We are sure you will like it, but like any change in software there will be some parts of it that seem strange at first. This document will take you through some of the changes, so that you can prepare your team and get the best out of Pulse.

What Changes?

The visual building blocks: Colours, fonts, icons etc. The result is a much cleaner and more modern look, see for yourself.

Consistency: Icons, buttons, fonts - you name it, we have made them consistent in looks and behaviour. For example: Where is the Save button? It is the green one. It is always the green one, and there is nothing else green on the screen.

More responsive to screen size: more than ever before, Pulse is being used on a wide variety of different screen sizes. The new look allows it to be more readable on smaller displays, while still making use of all available space on big screens. Users get more control, and can tell a dashboard to open in a whole new tab, or pin it to the top of the list.

Navigation: Looking for a search box? It is on the top right. You can search for anything you want there, using all the power of the previous search functions, just all in one place.

Navigation within a client or team member is also much improved, making it easier to see where you are, and how to get where you want to go.

Menus are simplified (and do not jump out at you when you accidentally move your mouse near the top of the screen).

What Stays the Same?

The engine room: The database and application layer of Pulse has not been changed (aside from the usual small improvements you always get with a new release). This means that we do not compromise the reliability of a proven system.

The overall screen structure: If it aint broke, do not fix it. The collapsible left toolbar is still there, just wider. The top of the screen houses frequently used icons, the menu, and the search tool. The main area does the work. Current users of Pulse will find it all quite familiar.

Our commitment to browser compatibility: Pulse is tested to work in all the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. It is tested on a variety of tablets and phones, including various iPads. If you find a problem using the new Pulse on any of these platforms, we will fix it.

When can I get it?

Roll-outs will start on the 2 March 2015. Our upgrade team will be in touch with you to schedule your upgrade.

Yours in business software

Riaan van Rooyen
Managing Director
Pulse Business Software Limited

For more on information or a demonstration of Pulse Enterprise 15.02, please contact us.