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HRH Prince Charles visits the Pulse Business Software UK Office

The excitement had been building for weeks and it was all very hush, hush.

Was this really the right place for this particular painting? Was this really the best place for this computer? Should we really leave the printer here? Maybe now is a good time to move desks around? We never really decided where the tea should go! A very special visitor was on his way to visit the Sherston Old School Project. The date: 25 November 2013, the special visitor? HRH Prince Charles of course!

Sherston Old School is an official Grade Two listed building, the original school building in Sherston until the village expanded and a new school was built close by. The Old School building had stood empty since 2005 and become completely dilapidated over time. Local villagers formed a community interest group in 2010 to raise money to renovate the building in phases but work stalled due to insufficient funds after completing phase one of the restorations. The community interest group appealed to The Prince’s Countryside Fund, which supports people who care about the countryside, to become involved in the project. The Prince’s Countryside Fund then also contributed to the project, allowing for the building to be fully restored. Now fully complete, The Sherston Old School homes several businesses, one of which is Pulse Business Software.

HRH Prince Charles was greeted on a Monday morning by hundreds of children and villagers outside the Old School when he arrived in Sherston, everyone bundled up against the chill with their flags waving, excitement bubbling. HRH Prince Charles toured the Pulse Business Software offices which were the old headmaster’s rooms and had a lovely chat with Riaan, Tahiti and Helen, learning a bit about Pulse Business Software and what it is that we do. After their initial nerves, they all say that HRH Prince Charles was utterly amazing to meet and speak to. (They did get a whole bunch of what to do lists before the time so they knew exactly how to bow and curtsey and what to do but it still it must have been rather nerve wracking!). It is definitely one of those things they will remember forever! The South African office is all rather jealous and it must be said we were all buzzing after the visit as well!

Although the Sherston Old School Project was opened in May 2013, HRH Prince Charles unveiled a plaque thanking him for his contribution towards the Sherston Old School Project as well as commemorating his visit to Sherston after meeting and chatting to other tenants of the Old School Building and villagers.

Pictures of the day courtesy of Mark Lord Photography.